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Business Owners/Executives


We view life insurance strategies as family and individual risk management. Our team of professionals works with each of our clients to design and implement creative insurance solutions that foster financial peace of mind. We use life insurance to not only protect your family in case of disaster, but as a future planning tool as well.

We have objective access to the following insurance vehicles:

  • Term
  • Universal Life
  • Guaranteed-Universal Life
  • Indexed-Universal Life
  • Whole Life

The partners at LDS Wealth Advisors have been key players in designing some of the most innovative and unique insurance strategies in the industry for the affluent marketplace. We do not market these strategies.

Financial Planning

The LDS Wealth approach to financial planning is based on understanding our clients and what they're really looking for. It's a comprehensive, innovative, and intelligent method of helping our investors get more out of their financial planning than they ever thought possible. Furthermore, we'll review the plan with you, modify it based on your feedback, and most importantly, ensure that on a continual basis you understand what's happening with your money. When you understand your investments, you invest more wisely.

Our online aggregation tool is unprecedented in the industry due to its power, ease of use, and level of transparency. As a client, you'll receive unlimited access to this unparalleled tool to measure everything from your personal or business balance sheet, to your investments with LDS Wealth and with other wealth management companies, to your credit cards and mortgages... our tool will even calculate your individual or business net worth. Even better, our online tool is updated literally to the minute, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We don't believe you need a cookie-cutter approach, and we know our clients don't deserve that. Instead, you need a financial plan as unique as you are. That's what we do.

Investment Management

As individuals and family members ourselves, we understand the importance of managing risk and actively investing our wealth. With technically and fundamentally sound investments, we work with you to tailor a portfolio towards your personal financial goals. We believe that you can take advantage of any market - bull, bear, flat and volatile - each requiring a strategy of its own. Our approach to investment management differentiates itself by diligently searching around the country for the best markets and investment managers to fit the different demands of our clients.


The owners of a business are critical to its existence ... what will happen if one of them dies, retires, or becomes disabled? A properly designed buy-sell agreement will help assure that the deceased owner's estate will be able to sell its interest in the business for a reasonable price. The purchasers of the business, usually the surviving co-owners, can obtain the business interest and avoid the difficulties associated with passing the business interest through probate.


An agreement is established which defines how a business will proceed after the loss of an owner. The purchase price of the business is set and the role of the owner's family is clearly defined. A life insurance policy is purchased which insures all of the owners. At the time of an owner's death, death benefit proceeds are paid out, which in turn are used to purchase the owner's portion of the company.

There are 2 primary types of agreements - Stock Redemption and Cross Purchase. The stock redemption method requires that the corporation redeem the deceased shareholder's shares of stock at his or her death. The cross purchase method provides that the surviving shareholders are obligated to buy a pre-arranged share of a deceased shareholder's stock from the deceased's estate.

Executive Bonus

Today's executives face a major obstacle in their retirement planning - they often cannot afford to retire with their standard pension plans. Without supplemental retirement benefits they may experience a major shortfall in future income needs.

Deferred compensation plans offer a way for executives to defer a portion of their current income, which also allows them to defer those taxes until the time that they receive the income. Deferred compensation plans are either qualified or non-qualified according to IRS regulations and have major tax treatment differences.


The employer purchases a life insurance contract* with the executive being the insured. The employer owns the policy and is designated as the beneficiary.

The employer and executive enter into an agreement stating the amount of benefit that the employer will pay the executive at retirement. In addition, there are often stipulations for a survivor benefit if the executive dies prior to retirement. At the time of retirement the employer withdraws an amount from the life insurance contract to pay the retirement benefit to the executive.When the executive dies the death benefit proceeds are paid to the employer. This helps to offset the initial premium cost of the insurance policy.